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WMF Presto!
The entry to the professional world of coffee

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A coffee machine is perfect then if it can do exactly what you need. No professional would voluntarily invest unnecessary money in an oversized device. But you should also not skimp at the wrong end with household devices and risk a bad investment. The WMF 1400 is perfectly designed for the average need and is not inferior to its big sisters in terms of quality and comfort. The WMF 1400 demonstrated the fact that it also looks good at one of the world’s largest design competitions. It was awarded the “red dot design award” at the competition. Perfectly matched accessories make your work easier and your WMF 1400 even more powerful.

The WMF 1400 is available with the following milk and steam systems: Easy Milk, Basic Milk & Basic Steam

Special Features

Product Labels
The button labelling is just as simple as the product configuration. Simply exchange finished text labels.
Multi Purpose Outlet
The dual foamer head, which height adjustable from 75 – 185 mm also inclludes the chocolate outlet.
Fully automatic Cleaning
and descaling with the simple press of the button. This saves time and reduces operating costs.
Removable Hoppers
The product hoppers are removable for easy cleaning and exchange of products
The WMF presto! is offered in four basic types. Each type can be individually customised with numerous options.


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